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Lauren WebbLauren Renée Webb (a.k.a. Loubug) is a freelance artist who established her own business, Art Attack, LLC, in 2011 at the age of eighteen. She is familiar with various forms of art including drawing, painting, graphic design, interior design, and textile design. Graphite, colored pencils, acrylics, oils, and pen & ink appear often in her work with meticulous detailing as her strength. Her passion and dedication inspires her to experience all that the art realm has to offer.

After graduation from Virginia Tech, Lauren is now pursuing a career in bedding & textile design at C & F Enterprises while promoting her artwork, murals, and hosting painting parties. With the support of her family and friends, she strives to make a name for herself as an accomplished, local artist in her hometowns of Hampton, Poquoson, and Blacksburg, Virginia.

"The images I create help me organize my opinions, beliefs, and interests. The playful compositions reflect my hometown, personal situations, and influentual artists. I adore detailed portraiture, and enjoy combining different subjects to compose an illusion of figures and objects. My metamorphic style incorporates smooth shading and collage elements to produce a surreal quality."



Surreal drawings, unique concepts, and hidden components help separate Lauren from other self-proclaimed artists. Her creations demonstrate beauty and diversity through meticulous detailing and unusual techniques. Lauren’s goal is to challenge the viewer to think in a different perspective, appreciate unexpected comparisons, and feel the emotions behind each scenario.

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