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Art is meant to tell a story, reveal personal issues, convey dreams, hopes, beliefs, decisions, and interests. With the use of paint or pen, each piece displays a curiosity for romance, passion, and physical temptations. The unconventional compositions are filled with hidden images that contain deep concepts and multiple layers of meaning. Combining portraiture with unusual subjects creates a surrealistic illusion of figures and objects. The “metamorphic” style depicts intriguing narratives using multiple pictures within a larger picture.

Stimulate the mind with original concepts and imagery by investing in an exceptional, one-of-a-kind visual narrative. Look around the site for unique works of art that incorporates elaborate detailing using acrylics, oils, graphite, pen & ink, colored pencils, and watercolors. Purchase an original piece of art or a high-quality print from the "Gallery", or order a custom creation by filling out the "Contact" box with the required information. Enjoy!


Upcoming Events

The Seawall Art Show, Portsmouth, VA (Aug 25 - 26)
The Poquoson Seafood Festival, Poquoson, VA (Oct 19 - 21)


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